Trying To Warm Up !

warming up 12

Good day all !!  So Happy Hump day!!!  I wont keep you long will be super short blog this morning . I’m heading im hoping to the Drs office this morning to have them read my X rays . I know what i have ( was told on phone) but i want to see them and know more . Don’t ever try to google on internet what you have  lol !!  One had me dying !! My doctors office last month i paid my co pay for my insurance 30.00 they took out 300.00 !! instead to many 000  Luckily it was a account i had for our business .. We had to wait 2 weeks for it to be put in!! I now only write a check i don’t trust the book keeper ( i hope she was fired) ok let me get to work have a great day all hugs ( Kelly !! i see you lol )

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Its Beginning To Look A lot Like Valentines Day Soon !!

its beginning to look a lot like valentines day soon !!

Morning .. Its one of those mornings you wake up and look at your phone and half asleep and think do i post today on my blog & Flickr? I then remember oh yeah i did do photo lol !! ( at age of 59 I am guessing its the onset of old timers lol !! ( not really i do have a impeccable memory ( so far) I am heading in few hours to the doctors office to get the official reading of my x rays , I love my nurse practitioner but she dropped the ball by not calling me in to read them to me. ( I need to be calm and not be pissed – by way i am real life redhead) If you know any thing about redheads you’d be laughing lol !!  The candy by Chicchica is incredibly life like if you look close the chocolates are of boobs and male anatomy!! ( i picked the heart to be on safe side)  It doesn’t take much to entertain me to get a laugh !! ( PS dont make complete sentences and spelling is  at your own risk reading . punctuation doesn’t exist !! ) PSSS Doctors office canceled and i go Wednesday ughhh lol


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On A Winters Night Walk

on a winters night walk

Happy Saturday!!! This reminds me of last night letting our dog out. But i surely didn’t dress like this lmao!! I had yoga pants ( with hole in side ) My uggs due to im to lazy to lace up my sneakers lol  hoodie gloves under armor on . My girl ( Pumpkin ) for some reason didn’t realize it was 23 degrees and wanted to go to the nearest puddle that hadn’t frozen just yet ! 😦  I wasn’t in mood to wash her at 10pm ! I yelled NO so loud im sure i woke the dead down the street at the local church!

Glad the man next door is hard of hearing and other guy next door works night shift! ( Im not glad the guy next door is hard of hearing just meta fore. Okie dokie enough yammering !! Have a productive day today !!!

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Necklace is almost 10 yrs old from  a shop if i had it in my inventory for that many yrs im pretty sure they don’t sell it any more !!

Yes I’m On A Pink Kick !!

yes im on a pink kick !!

It seems im picking pink all time from the hud !!  No rhyme or reason lol !!

This morning is dreadful rainy day !! 60 degrees !!! and tomorrow will be in 30’s Living in Virginia motto is .. If you don’t like the weather today  you’ll love tomorrow, Weather is never consistent. Tomorrow high is 36 lol I got up late couldn’t sleep last night .. I have decided i don’t want to go to the physical therapy the nurse recommended . ( Read all reviews) I’m going to one that works with my gym ( YMCA) This way i surely will go to gym !! I pay for it and don’t use it . I Need too i lost tons of weight 4 yrs ago and I’ve gained back few since i have had all this mess going on.  I have made a appointment to go to drs office ( which they never read my results to me only nurse on phone.) Ok enough yammering and boring talk.  I know your reading this Kelly !! No one else does lol 🙂 hugs !!! have a great Thursday!!


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Simply, Just Chilling!!

just chillin

Hello !!!! Well today its been the coldest day in Virginia where i live .  It got to 13 degrees last night . After all rain here we live in area where land is all flat and sea level.  There are muddle puddles all over our back yard ( size of some ones pool)  and thankfully they are now frozen !!! We have mini pond !!! Let out our dog this morning ( Pumpkin her name) She about did a nice skating move sliding but she loved it !!! She cant quite figure it out yet. This is her second winter here since moving back from Florida. We got her from breeder there shes 2 yrs old.  Enough jabber tad cold upstairs here in my office/spare bedroom 3 Bed room house other room is the den upstairs .  I’ve got coffee and heat is up  Have a great day all 🙂 ]

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Its Sunday Lets Liven It Up A Little !

its sunday lets liven it up a little !

Good Morning !!! (or Evening ) Its still the weekend… I had meeting yesterday in Real life most of the day . I am on few  committees in our small town here .  Between that and Our RL bushiness I looked at my house i so need to do lots of cleaning !! lol I finally got my results from my xrays . My Neck has a deteriorated disc and my back has slipped disc . My Dr recommended me to go to Physical Therapy. Most insurances require this before surgery. I tried to call the Therapist they recommended me too . They said on internet they close at 4:30pm i called at 2pm and answering machine came on saying they were at lunch till 1pm or in meeting . No one called me back i left a message. This i can see will be slow moving.  ok enough of my real life. My secondlife is wayy more boring lol . I log in and i do photos and i park most of day and i go shopping by my self and tp back home and park again lol !!! I have been in second life since beta i have had a long and full secondlife, .Life. You name it I’ve mostly like done it all. I Owned bridal venue was one of first bridal photographers in second life , Owned clubs. Tattoo shop, and texture shop, Clothing store, Radio station for one of the biggest sims on second life. ( Pontiac sim yes car sim in real life) Just a few things i had done. ok im off to post after ive given you a snoozing blog !!

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I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke

i'd like to buy the world a coke

This coke Bottle by Chicchica reminds , me of growing up in early 60’s and Late 70’s and coke song i grew up with !!! We have unfortunately have gone on in a different way in our lives ( with lots of anger and hate this reminds me of a happier time.

I got up earlier this morning than normal. Going to get my hair highlighted and cut .

I finally got to the hospital and got my x rays for my neck and back yesterday . I wanted to post this before my hair appointment .. I live in small town where wifi wont pick up so i will be able to see Flickr a little then head home.  Im half asleep so forgive me if i sound even wackier than  normal lol have a great Thursday !!


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Shh Don’t Tell

shhh dont tell

Good Monday Morning !!! This will be a quick blog!!  Have few things to get done. Have to take my mom to doctor tomorrow ( I have canceled my x rays 3 times to take my mom to doctor.) I’m gladly to put off my needs to help my mom . Its what you do when your parents need you. We didn’t get any snow like expected !! Yay!!! We are 10 degrees than most of state of Virginia we are on the water.  My grand kids are out of school 10 inches my lucky daughter lol !!!  Ok off to get clothes washed  and wash my comforter guess who spilled coffee on it ?? lol Me !! That’s what i get for having creme comforter with sea foam color edging lol !! Have a splendid day all 🙂 or evening !!

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In The Pink, And Have The Munchies!!

in the pink, and have the munchies!!

Morning !!/Afternoon/Evening !!  Long night last night . I had to look on my phone to see if it was full moon or not. My dog ( Pumpkin Female Cockapoo 2 yrs old) Was up all night ugh !! We live in country on over a acre. I hear owl then i hear a cat meow .. Then Pumpkin goes to door barking ( she thinks her territory is whole county lol ) She is like Mrs Kravitz ( on Bewitched .. The nosy neighbor.) Had to let her out and she paced last night for no reason. My sleep was 4 hrs long lol. ( I see  a Nap in my future. who am i kidding ill be awake all day on my 4th cup of coffee already! ) Ok that’s 5 minutes of your life you wont get back reading this .. lol Have a great Saturday & Weekend !!!

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