Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne

Raises a toast to the old year !! This past year has been a extremely hard one, But a happy one in the end. I’m ready for this year to end.

I know you’ve heard me say ( if you read my blog.) My second life Hubby Lars Convair died this past January.. I was on his real life Facebook his daughter tagged him .. I Had just had text from him few days prior he was in hospital he had MS for years and cancer and had beat it . long story short he had gotten phenomena.

My life for 6 years as i have had him came to a crash .. He had prepared me for when this time would come.

My real life fathers Memorial was last January he had died unexpectedly had hit me so sudden and devastated me to my core. My Real life and I had moved back to Virginia. We sold our home in fla and moved to my parents home until spring to buy a house.. We found our dream home!! My daughter in law had beaten leukemia this year !  thank god !!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR may this year bring happiness to you !!!

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On A Winters Eve

On A Winters Eve

Well its getting closer to the end of the year 2 more days !! Its sad when the end of the year comes the things you had wished had happened  of not came true, Or all the things you could of done this year if you had a few more days !! This will be short today aren’t you lucky lol !!!


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Snow Bird Time to Fly

Snow Bird Time to Fly

Good Morning !!! Its 2 days after Christmas .. I haven’t blogged since day before Christmas eve. !! I didn’t post i would be on vacation ( I was all caught up and then some)

I didn’t go away for Christmas i was home i had my kids grand kids my mom and my daughters & son in laws dog my dog and  ( my ex mother in law my daughter brought her due to my ex and his wife dont give crap about her ) my real life hubby here . 11 people here and 2 dogs!! for few days !!! My house is now back to normal. My dog now is worn out by my feet as i am typing . I ate to much crap !! (cookies /bread pudding/ sweet potato pie i could go on, We dont eat like this but once a year lol .I need to post this to flickr lol .. Hope you all had a awesome holiday/Christmas!

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I Have The Light To Find My Way Home

I Have The Light To Find My Way Home

Merry Christmas/ Happy Hanukkah  / Merry what else !!

Im Getting ready for 11 people to be at my house and one extra dog lol Will be posting and then finishing up on all baking and cleaning my last bathroom ( mine lol ) putting sheets on the guest rooms .. Means during Christmas i wont be in computer room/guest room. I hope they all go home by day after Christmas i hope lol !!!  See you all after Christmas !!

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Tired And Its Not Even Christmas Yet lol

Tired And Its Not Even Christmas Yet lolYepp its closer to Christmas .. Im not done yet !! lol . After blogging and posting on Flickr today i have 2 grocery stores i have to go to ! Different things i need. I have a long list having 10 people staying at our house starting Christmas eve. My son and his wife ( that has gotten clean bill of no cancer !! she had leukemia ) My mom and brother are coming also thank goodness mom lives down road and my brother is visiting. My daughter is coming Christmas day with her husband and kids and her dog lol !!! I have bought me 3 bottles of wine, Chilling in the wine cooler in kitchen !! ( i love my wine cooler we had built in. )  okie dokie time to stop yammering and get shower and head out today have a wonderful Christmas i think this will be my last blog till after Christmas !!!

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I lit A Candle For You, My First Christmas With Out You.

I lit A Candle For You, My First Christmas With Out You.

My first Christmas with out the most important people in my life. My real life Dad died week before Christmas 😦  a year ago as of today ,Unexpectedly of a heart attack. My Second life Hubby Lars Convair Died In January he had long time illness.they both passed away with in 3 weeks of each other. Lars and i had been married for 6 wonderful years! ( In Second life) This would been our 7th Christmas together. Lighting a candle for my Dad and Lars . I love you both and miss you both so much !!! I think of you both daily. Time goes on ….Christmas can be sad time or happy time. So tell the ones you love you love them . You never know when you will never seem them again .


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Santa’s favorite Reindeer

Santa's favorite Reindeer

Seems my world press site has new update and i have to keep redoing the format so until i do this blog will be short

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I Have Your Back !

You Have My Back!

I had a great blog this morning until I messed it up dont ask lol !! it didn’t upload correctly so i wont be having any long blogging !! having to re do whole blog again lol !! What a dork i am !! not done this ever in 2 yrs but there is always a first i guess lol !


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On Top Of The World Lamby!

On Top Of The World Lamby!!

Yeah you saw right .. Lamb on my shoulder lol !! Yeah its a parity of Titanic lol ( on top of the world lol !  Sometimes you just gota be nutty lol .. Well its 29 degrees it feels like Christmas finally !! I got into our storage here upstairs . I not seen Christmas stuff in almost 2 years

Since we moved from Fla to Va (before my dad died and stayed there then bought our home now)

I discovered my RL had packed last time we had decorations out. My beautiful bows i had handmade by this lady .. He put my big Christmas cookie jar on top of them 😦  .. * why would some one do that i mean really???? ( they weren’t cheap too!!) Bows for our stair case to do with the greenery . Lovely huge beautiful ones. !! 8 bows

( at 15.00 $120.00 ) I have to be more creative it seems this year not going to buy more bows !!

Ok i feel better i can rat him out here and not to his face lol !! ok enough stupid talk .. Off to post and do decorating !!


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It’s That Time Of Year Again!

It's That Time Of Year Again!

Hey its Tuesday Morning here …. Was a warm day yesterday was 60 degrees 😦 I love it being winter trying to decorate for Christmas in Real life. I am just getting my fall stuff down. Then trying to take inventory on all my Christmas stuff here. When we moved from Florida last year .. We didn’t decorate for Christmas ( We sold our home in Florida and moved back to Virginia) My father died week before Christmas. We were looking at houses to buy then but we put it off to get things down and be there for my mom. We lived up stairs ( 2 bedrooms den & bath) We had whole upstairs. 1,300 SQ feet . We then looked for house and bought it and renovated it . I haven’t seen my Christmas decorations in over 2 Christmas lol!! It will take me 1 week plus to decorate im extremely picky. Im feeling little sad, My dear friend is on breathing machine. She has debilitating rare disease  . I know time is only limed . (sigh) Ok off depressed talk lol.. Off to blog !!


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