Baby It’s Cold Outside!


Baby Its Cold OutsideMorning all !! Its Tuesday here in Virginia!! 32 degrees … I love winter any season but summer lol !! Is why we moved back from Florida after only 18 months .. Sold our house and moved back . We thought we would love Florida ( Not) . Im up in computer room in my robe and slippers ( computer room also known as my she shed! ) It has queen size bed for guests, Flat screen tv, My exercise bike i bought  .. looks good sitting there lol .

My desk my lap top & antique dresser. This is where my cockapoo ( Pumpkin) and i spend our down time watching hallmark Christmas movies & CNN  and my blogging . You all have great day . I wont be on much till Monday My rl Daughter is having tumor removed from her throat tomorrow and im getting the girls ( grand-kids ) My grandsons is going to his one of his friends houses.  That way my son -in-law can take care of my daughter .. So have a great week and weekend.


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Some of the items i blog .. That aren’t mentioned in my blog are items ive bought my own self or are old and no longer around.  or my dear friend made me years ago and no longer in game.


I’ll Wait For You Under The Tree

I'll Wait For You Under The Tree

Yepp… Thanksgiving is over. You know what that means !!? Its time for all fall & Thanksgiving decorations to be taken down and .Christmas stuff goes up!! I normally do it now. My daughter (RL) is having surgery this Thursday .. I will pick up my  Three grand kids I Think Thursday after school ( 2 hrs away!) While her husband is at hospital with her. I will be making Christmas cookies with the grand-kids, I decorate my tree alone lol im a perfectionist lol …. So Im catching up my blogging ( which i always am head for cases like this in RL) My blog is always about my real life or how it ties into second life. Its boring im sure. I don’t have a  perfect life .. ( no such thing) .. My life has it ups and downs but i wouldn’t trade it for any thing else.


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Santa Baby

Santa Baby


Yes !! I went and did Christmas music and its not even December lol !!  I cant help it ( shrug)  I have been decorating my land . I had my sim owner every year for 7 years I have been renting from ( i have had whole homesteads and half now im on one of his that’s three plots im one of them.  Hes most sweetest every year my Second life life hubby would have owner come and do it for me as my gift.

This year my second life hubby passed away passed away in January … It always takes the sim owner a while to come. I sent note card this year my self . Next day he IM me !! super fast!! I believe in little Christmas miracles thinking my second life hubbie in heaven had a little to do with it . ( its my blog and my story an i’m going with it lol !!

Have a wonderful weekend !!!


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All My Winter Friends !

My Winter Friends

Good Morning !!! Its Thanksgiving eve here in the states!! its not a religious holiday but its one we all celebrate !! I’m not going to go into it in detail my blog is boring enough to you all lol !!! I have to get this out today i have guest coming tomorrow .. I have house to clean and ect.. Food to bake and prepare for . You all have awesome Hump day today!!

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Fox & Socks!!

Fox & Socks!

Good Morning !!! Its Sunday before Thanksgiving here in the states!! Things are busy here in my house hold. My real life is up banging on front porch before 9am ( im sure the neighbors love him lol )  We do live in country but our neighbor is night Mgr at Walmart hes not been getting sleep I’m sure. We are renovating our house we bought . We were done with all major things but . When you live in flat low line area on the water here, You only have certain septic field ( sewer/ wells) He took our front porch door and designed it to the side and added new steps ! took all brick off old one and re did it and now re screening our screen on porch . There isn’t anything my rl cant build or make. We didn’t like walking on the muddy hill to front porch . I know yada yada i write about boring things lol .. Is my life perfect?? no… Is it full of ups and downs ??? Yes!! But its my life and its the best ive had in many many years. have a great Sunday im going to post and then do some odds and ends and then watch Redskins play football !!

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Home Alone .. Whats Out That Window?

Home Alone !! Whats Out That WindowI don’t like being home alone in a house I’ve not been in before at night.  Am i a chicken well in new house first night i do sleep with bathroom light on.  I carry a night light with me when i travel to some one else’s house so i wont run into a wall or trip and wake them up lol !!  Im still trying to fight this awful cold i have so i’m moving slow this morning . Have a wonderful Friday and great weekend .. 🙂

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Thanksgiving “Fall” Party

Thanksgiving Party !

Thanksgiving time of long ago when i was much younger ( In my late 20’s ) There used to be a formal dance with moose lodge ( Here in States) It was called the turkey twist!
Mostly was excuse to get drunk and all dressed up with members of Moose lodge  lol !!!

I went few years in row . Started off great all rich older people in their furs and jewelry and they bring their little case ( their liquor case full of top shelf brands ) I brought my cheapo brand lol ( still had same effect !!) I had my dress that i had worn year before

( they are drunk by 9pm they don’t remember where their car was parked let alone

I wore this dress two years in a row lol ! Ok enough yammering im off to post and then get busy making pies for next week Thanksgiving, i will freeze them. Then to make grocery list .. We are having 8 people for Thanksgiving so far !!! ( I’m hoping few wont come lol )

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White & Pink

White & Pink

White and Pink …. I know sounds like cop out of me picking a easy name for this photo.

You know what it is lol !!! I name all my photos instead of some using numbers .. Old lady here <— I do it the most easiest was for me lol … I am on pink kick lately . So most of the names have pink in it . Well i just wasted 4 minutes of you life you cant get back of dull hum drum drivel lol  I have gotten bad cold this past week and last night its kicked into full force, So far i’m dragging this will be short have a wonderful Monday !!!



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Sometimes We Day Dream In Odd Places

Sometimes We Day Dream In Odd Places

Good Morning / Good Afternoon/ Evening where ever you may be 🙂 Long day yesterday is why i didn’t post.  My moms best friend i took care of with a debilitating disease is in hospital . She is going down hill fast. We visited her, I said my goodbyes to her. My mom and i went to lunch and did little bit of therapy shopping. Worn totally out mentally and physically from walking all over ( I’m still in pain in my knee when i fell down month ago. ) ill keep this short and post .. I have few things i need to get down in real life .. Have a awesome Thursday!!


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Bonfire !!

Bon Fire!!

This  Blog today will be about how i see on my Flickr feed every one jumping ship about Flickr, To Instagram !  This is my take on it. I don’t have a second life Facebook ( due to when i left long ago from second life) I deleted my second life Facebook I was gone for 6 months. I did hide it but i kept getting messages on my phone, So i deleted it and when i returned I kept making new Facebook and some one ( im sure i know who ) kept reporting it as spam i had 4 made and always being reported so i gave up. I have small circle of friends in second life . They don’t blog or do Flickr. I haven’t got the reason people are freaking about Flickr. I am thinking since its  going to paid account soon.

long time ago people were scared sl Facebook was going to delete us all and they all went to this other type of sl Facebook instead. I remember when mesh clothing was being made people all said im not going to wear mesh. Did people think Flickr was going to be free forever? lol !! Nothing is free in life but advice. I have Instagram but its for my personal use . I wont be like rat leaving ship. I have been pro member for a year now. I have been blogging almost 2 yrs and my photos are only at 300 +  I have deleted old ones over a yr ago.  Just delete them who is going to hire you by looking at all those photos when you started out? lol !! Have a good day all

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