Green Eyed

Green EyedWhen I was a teen we all had the greeneyed bug ! You know green eyed envy.
for silly things .. Like i am real life red head, I cant tan a lick lol .. I envied the girls at our local pool we belonged to that all tanned and they laughed at me for burning and then turning back to white again. When i was little girl in middle school they called me firetruck and made sound of fire engine, as I walked down the hallway. I entered high school my red hair became my signature and I stopped being envious of the other girls as in my older age now. The non sun bathing has left me with out wrinkles and no melanoma no leather skin. My red-hair is still red with out any gray in it .. Some of us in this game carry over their envy /green-eyed monster concept. I am not envious of the best photographers/bloggers in second-life .I am in awe of how they are so talented and i always give comments . As you get older like me you tend to not care what people think of you .. Childhood, Teen yrs are spent on having the green eyed bug . Not Mature self assured women.

..::PD::.. ( Paperdoll’s) Budded heel Comes in Black heel with hud has 8 diffrent bud colors and also with out buds laces up front


PD Budded heel  Marketplace

*Besom~  Moonlight FaMESHed

[MANDALA]  MIYABI Necklace & Earrings

Giz Seorn  Scarlett Top [Printed]  FaMESHed
Giz Seorn – Savanna Shorts

Serenity Style   Julia Spring Backdrop – Spring colors  Bloom


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