My Thoughts

My Thoughts1The Apple Shorts Fatpack  are laced in front and on the sides the metal is changeable also it includes color hud for strings/straps Thigh Garters are Optional

Decoy Apple Shorts: Fatpack Blush

Pseudo Leighton Top  Uber

tram H0316 hair(bangs2)

.::Nanika::.  Vinca tattoo Blue

[MANDALA]  HARAMITA-season2-Bangle

oOo Studio oOo Stuido Toasty stand (rezzes prop on stand)

^^Swallow^^   Pyramid Ear


Wine Any One?

Wine Cheese Or MeBouBouKi: Desi Bodysuit Black also comes in white its alluring and very sexy doesn’t leave any thing to the imagination  the back is like the front at the bottom cross back.

BouBouKi  Desi Body Suit  Market place

:::ChicChica::: Wine dispenser holdable Cosmopolitan Events

TRUTH   Margarita

.:MMC:.  Charlotte Bento Gloves – Maitreya

erratic chris – blindfold / black


Every One Needs A Little Fantasy




This outfit by Decoy makes all your fantasies come true. Wearing this makes you feel soft and beautiful . The flowers are delicately placed on the outfit and on the crown. The wings have a flapping and idle script moves are so flowing. The front is as detailed as the back. Comes in four colors and a rare!! For Maitreya Lara

Decoy  Blooming Fae Gacha      Lootbox  ( Role Play Gacha Event)

Decoy – Blooming Fae: Floral Bodysuit
Decoy – Blooming Fae: Wings Green
Decoy – Blooming Fae: Skirt Green
Decoy – Blooming Fae: Elven Ear Cuff Green
Decoy – Blooming Fae: Flower Crown Green

[White~Widow]   Psycho – White

{Limerence}    Camila hair

EarthStones     Krishna Pendant Necklace

^^Swallow^^  Ears HD – High Definition

[addme.] posepack) – mirrors




The Softer Side Of Me

The Softer Side of me

I Got The Blues

As I stand by your flame
I get burned once again
Feelin’ low down, I’m blue
As I sit by the fire
Of your warm desire
I’ve got the blues for you, yeah
Every night you’ve been away
I’ve sat down and I have prayed
That you’re safe in the arms of a guy
Who will bring you alive
Won’t drag you down with abuse
In the silk sheet of time
I will find peace of mind
Love is a bed full of blues
And I’ve got the blues for you
And I’ve got the blues for you
And I’ll bust my brains out for you
And I’ll tear my hair out
I’m gonna tear my hair out just for you
If you don’t believe what I’m singing
At three o’clock in the morning, babe, well
I’m singing my song for you
This sexy body suit by Sexy Princess is see threw in back and in the front with a changeable hud for the cup / breast area comes in 12 colors on hud



[Sexy Princess] Lola Bodysuit  Mainstore  Marketplace

Lazuri  -Enchanted Diamond and Gemstones – Necklace
Lazuri Enchanted Diamond and Gemstones- Bracelet
Lazuri Enchanted Diamond and Gemstones- Earrings

Tram F516 hair

Dead Dollz    Natural Diva – Stockings

[ kunst ] Cigarette & holder #4 (mouth)

{what next} Mimi’s Mannequin (with poses) – small



Denim smaller

I have always worn denim/ Jean material.. Its the most relaxing thing i own except my yoga pants! lol … You can dress it up dress it down .. Wear it out to dinner to school .. To work on casual Friday or if your lucky enough you work some where that allows you to be able to. Just think of wakening up and throwing on jeans and heading to work i would so love to work there ! I used to iron my jeans when i was in high school believe it or not !? I had to have a crease in it lol !! and if a cuff was on jeans starch it. ahhh Jeans !!


This adorable blue jean ruffled bottom (Frani Skirt Blue )skirt is by BouBouKi Frani Skirt Blue exclusive for the Gallery Event. Mar 15th

For Maitreya, Slink-P, Slink-H, Belleza (Freya-Isis-Venus), Tonic (Fine-Curvy)
available colors (blue-black)

BouBouKi  MainStore  Marketplace GALLERY EVENT  Mar 15th

#Foxy  Muse Kustom9

.::Nanika::.   Hope tattoo   –  .::Nanika::. Martha Necklace Group GIFT

Legal Insanity  Legal Insanity – Lily white  TRES CHIC

^^Swallow^^ Pyramid Ear


Frozen In Time

Frozen In Time2

Don’t we all wish we could freeze time ? Maybe go back to our younger self and tap our  self on shoulder and whisper .. Don’t do this ( fill in blank) or your need or should do this ( fill in the blank) But sadly, It would change the future and as much as it would be wonderful ..  Things are to happen naturally.

This outfit by Addams is business casual on bottom with pinstriped pants and sexy camisole girly on the top both met a even great look !! For these pants I used the Fatpack stripes.

Addams  Muriel Suit Pants  &   Muriel Suit Body

Exile Strawberry Wine

VIBES TripBangle



^^Swallow^^  Pyramid Ear


Yesss I Won!!! AGAIN!!

YESSS I WON... AGAINThis reminds me of my RL Son !! We dont play board games with him any more! When he was little ( 11 years old) He announced we all needed a break from playing monopoly get drink and go to bathroom .. He was banker and took over board walk and few dollars out of bank !! Came back we didn’t notice . Then at end we realized hmmm he had cheated lol ( wasnt funny at the time hes now 32 and its funny ! ) He yelled I Won!!! over and over. Its some things that give us a memory to laugh about in life. Does he still cheat at games? We do watch him but no .. lol

This set by minimal is so well textured and has the pool table and the balls are awesome

BUENO out fit is so adorable comes with hud for short sleeves and long sleeves and different textures  with the color of bib over all jumper you pick the color ( on the wall of your choice ) and you receive with it color hud .

BUENO Becca Denim Kustom9

Carol G Dream Filter White – Tattoo

Moon Distance Kustom9

#Foxy  Distressed Denim Choker ‘Acid’

MINIMAL Secret Room Billiard Kustom9

T-3D Creations   -MarketPlace [ Billiards Cue Stick ]

Kirin Cheer Leader pose pack

Racy Posters MarketPlace Dogs Playing Poker


Right Here Waiting …For You

Im Here Waiting


This outfit by Hilly Haalan Has so many colors on the hud.. It will take your few minutes to decide which one you will use so many to choose from . comes with shoes jewelry clutch to be able to change colors in ..

Hilly Haalan  Peyton Outfit

Tableau Vivant  Nouvelle hair   Kustom9

FOXCITY  Meet You There Kustom9

FOXCITY  Leaning pose  Kustom9


Kalopsia Hilly’s Suitcases

Real Evil Charming Necklace

White Widow   Shining







Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Blue Moon
Clouds are as thin as satin
The cool breeze caresses our faces
Millions of stars gleam so bright
Like no other I describe the night

There I see your eyes ever so pretty
Jaw-dropped as they look at mine
Your face defines such beauty
That It cursed me with dementia

Your lips is as red as velvet
Cured my color blindness
As they move as you speak
I can’t respond, I’m tongue-tied

The warmth of your embrace
Overthrew the coldness afar
As both our eyes collides
I fell more in love with you

I stare in your lips one more time
For they kept me in astonishment
Oh I really wanted to kiss them
Yet I can’t cause I can’t

I know that time will come
All I have to do is to keep my faith
Under this bright blue moon
I promise, with all my heart, I will wait

A late night stroll into  a gazebo Waiting for you. Realizing your not coming …. Ever…. Realization sets in your … Gone…


The dress by Mevo is a saucy little number very classy in front and hot in back . Hud has different colors for dress and for the insert of the material of rear and down the stomach and leg .

Meva  Joline Dress Cosmopolitan Event

Meva  Coins Set Gold  ( earrings bracelet)

Magika  Good Vibes

^^Swallow^^  Aphrodite rings

REIGN  Tied Pouch- FAMESHED GIFT ( May 2017)

DaD  “Byron Pavillon”  Collabor88 

ISON  nikki sunglasses (white)



The Journal

The JournalI used to write a journal for years, Until i started reading it . Made me wish i had achieved half of the things i said i was going to in life. I now just promise my self  i thank goodness i got up in morning and be the best that i can be and head on with my day. Hoping  the day will go smooth .

This dress by decoy is the perfect dress to wear as casual or to dress up. Comes in different colors and hud to change the color of the belt . You can find it at Uber

Decoy Teresa Dress Uber

#Foxy    Kels Hair

*elymode*   Marketplace El’s Leather Sketch Book

=Zenith=  Maroquinerie Backpack

EarthStones  Asian Influence Necklace and earrings- Yin Yang

*Boof. Marketplace Pencil

ARTIS  Wall posing prop

MINIMAL   Ultima Bracelet -WhiteGold-