What Do I do, Now That Your Gone?

What do i do now your gone

I have returned from being gone from Secondlife for Five months.

My secondlife husband Lars Convair, had been sick for long time He passed away on January 24 2018 .. A bit of quick history between us. I met this man when he was DJing at club Big Daddy’s .. I was his host for years. One day we finally had a date!  I always knew I had feelings for him for years! He said he had come to Secondlife to find me. (insert a awww lol ) Our six year marriage relationship was wonderful one. It was also a great friendship that carried over into real life . We were on each others real life Facebook.  We had gone threw, Deaths, Grand kids, Real life Marriages, Children getting married, Mother boards crashing, new computers . Isp going out . Snow storms, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Moving, new houses, surgeries, Doctors visits ect..

He called me 3 days before he died from ICU I knew he had texted me earlier that that he was in hospital .. He didn’t die from his cancer or Multiple sclerosis he had died from pneumonia.  I read his real life daughters post she tagged him and landed on my real life face book. What a total shock but i knew it was coming . Sitting in bed that night watching  tv i woke up my real and told him ( I had just gotten remarried in real life two years ago ) Lars Knew and was supportive and My real life knew about Lars .. Our love and past and his declining health.

 I logged back into second life to tell people about Lars  i haven’t been online in long time. I might like to go back to blogging again but .. I deleted my second life Facebook ( I thought it would be easier to walk away from second-life. ) I stand in Second life and just stand and stare and wonder after six years what do i do now?

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