Left Secondlife & No Longer Blogging

Thank you all..That have been following my blog . With health issues and Im selling my house to move back to my home state . I no longer will be blogging . Id like to thank Grace for all her help for showing me how to make my blog  better and taking me under her wing . * this is her blog  *.. She is totally awesome do follow her ….. https://amazinggrace.blog/

Thank you also to Sady  She is a awesome photographer  and dear person  follow her also heres her blog https://sadystyle.wordpress.com/

Thank you to my sponsors that hired me Avie Narcisses Chicmoda  KENDRASY CREATIONS Rebel Hope ..

Never know when i might pop up again or if . Thank you all .. Sparkle Mocha


4 thoughts on “Left Secondlife & No Longer Blogging

  1. i love you chick you have me on skype if not email me please ive just missed u leaving we both going through so much please contact me one way or another , love you always sharon aka starkz xxxx


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