Bike Ride

Bike Ride

I cant remember last time i was on a bike could been about 9 yrs ago !!! If you want to count my  bike i have in computer room for exercise bike, for working out i do it 2 times week  not like real biking . I live in county but here in this place we have big ditches where i mean deep ones ( for water to flow to from  rain this is flat land) i would never get out of if i rode a bike and had to hit the ditch lol !! Have a great Thursday all !!!

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Its “Autumn” Knocking At The Door

Autumn Knocking at the door

Happy Monday lol  for most!! Not a lot went on this weekend .. I do lead a boring life from time to time. Didn’t leave house mostly decorating new house ( I know still??? !! ) lol . Did watch my team play yesterday ( Football) Don’t let me start on that one ! lol  .Have a great Monday all !!

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The Fringe

The Fringe

Well We got out of harms way of the hurricane here in Virginia !! But feeling so bad for SC/NC people . It could been us !!  Still Chesapeake back here looks rough . The creek/coves look high .  We will have road flooding . Grocery stores and mail and Banks opened back up yesterday . Back log of 4 days of no mail ( no bills lol )  and no real life work today . Off to go refinish my kitchen table ( just moved into my new rather 1940’s house we have re done i totally love it !!! I am a big avid decorator in rl .. My style is farmhouse and Primitives ( stars antiques quilts)  I refinish old furniture . Have a wonderful Saturday


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Hot Frappuccino Its Going To Be A Long Day !

My Day Is Going To Be A Long Onelighter verison

Yepp long day !!! I have stated in my last blog i live in Virginia . We were on direct hit on for Florence for the hurricane . It has taken a turn for Carolina’s more. I feel so bad for them, But I am also happy for us . We aren’t out of the woods by long shot . I live on the Bay, High tides and lots of rain from the hurricane coming our way . We still are under state of emergency here . Our county is still under flood zone and evacuation here . We will surely lose power still. Need my coffee !!! Have a great Thursday all !!

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What About Pink Shoes?!!

These Shoes Or Not

As you know my blog is always about whats going on .. In secondlife or me.
There is a hurricane rolling in ! I have moved back to Virginia from Florida last year. I went threw Irma in Florida in September of last year . Now this one i live in small county and all electricity is on poles not under ground due to water . Last time in this small town some were with out for 2 weeks to 30 days!!! I paid up my rent in second life for 3 weeks !!! I am and have sent note-cards to my sponsors !! We do have a generator but when cable is out i cant get online. will have my cell phone for offlines .. If any of you are in path of these hurricane please be careful !! hugs all Sparkle !!!

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Its That Time Of Year, Pumpkin Coffee Time

It's That Time!! Pumpkin Coffee !!

Im not a fan of Pumpkin Coffee lol !!!! I am fan of hazelnut lol 🙂  I just liked the thought of  it being fall soon and coffee to warm you up. !! In stead of  it being summer lol .

We are approaching hurricane season here . I live on the water the Chesapeake Bay In Virginia . I have moved from Florida back to Virginia recently, To get away from Hurricanes . Now where expecting one on east coast.  So back to my coffee this morning and posting have a wonderful Sunday all 🙂

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In Your Wildest Dreams

In Your Wildest Dreams

Today my blog is going to be super short . My dull life is all sudden busy lol !!! With still unpacking from my move in real life and working on Weekends taking care of long time friend of my mothers  that has a debilitating disease . Not just the stress of loving this person and knowing she is getting worse now . I am in quandary  of not being able to care for her i have to lift her to the bed and one of my knees is bone on bone . I baby that knee a lot. But now im limping and need to go to dr. So i might not be able to work much longer for her. Have a great Thursday all 🙂

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Snuggling With You In My Mind

Snuggling With You In My Mind

Ahh back from Real life . Worked Saturday and Sunday. Had my mom over for cook out yesterday for Labor Day! ( in States we celebrate all or who works us Labors ) I have only moved into my new house i bought 3 and half weeks ago and my house still looked upside down lol ! So got up late and worked like mad dog  to make it look good . So back to blogging and Flickr  have a great day 🙂

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Feeling The Last Of The Summer Sun

Feeling The Last Of The Summer Sun

Well its Labor Day weekend here in the states! Most will be partying and sending summer out with a blast. Some kids have already gone back to school. My grand-kids will go back on Tuesday . My plans are  to work in real life tomorrow and Sunday. Monday which is Labor Day I plan on still unpacking and decorating my rl house cooking ribs in the smoker . My Real life is best at doing ribs makes his own special rub . I will do potato salad ( i must brag its pretty good ive heard ! ) I will do baked beans ( not out of can ) but from scratch. Have a wonderful Friday all 🙂 !!!


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