JewelBailey Mini Tutu & Pasties – Bound Box Edition May ( *Comes in sizes * Maitreya, Hourglass and Freya) Bound Box

Narcisse  -Narcisse- Bailey Mini Tutu  – Bound Box Edition (Month Of May)  Bound Box

DOUX   Fiona Hairstyle  DUBAI EVENT 2018

^^Swallow^^   Princess EarsKustom9

CLOCKHAUS  Caged Beauty GOLD – White Diamons  The Fantasy Collective Event

.::Supernatural::. Bianca  Cosmopolitan

White~Widow  Venom – Gold

Eudora3D  Lace Pumps DUBAI EVENT 2018

Velvet Whip  [V/W] Chalice

:CP: ( Cheeky Pea)  Blanc Gazebo Lounger N21 Event




Magical Bubbles

Magical BubblesMagical Bubbles reminds me of when i was a kid you could blow bubbles and see if they reach to heaven ! I often think of my real life father and my second life husband that both have recently died. My father died unexpectedly early part of last December! First person I told in text was my second-life husband Lars . Then a month later in January Lars died of phenomena from being in hospital he suffered from MS & Cancer he been fighting had under control, Then flared up. He called me to tell me he was in hospital. So the kid in me blows the bubble to heaven to my real life father and my second-life hubby rest in peace you both !! Sometimes you have to believe !!!  I do … do you ??!!

These Bubbles by ChicChica are so cool !! they come in 2 sizes bigger and smaller the cap and the bottle . When you touch the cap you start blowing bubbles !!

:::ChicChica:::   Bubbles  Marketplace

[Cynful] Elvi Top + High Waist Pants  FaMESHed

[CAROL G]  Finesse – White Tattoo


^^Swallow^^  Princess Ears ( Ears @ Kustom9 ) (Rings Mainstore )Aphrodite Bento Rings

.::Supernatural::.  Layla Necklace  TRES CHIC Venue



Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

This reminds me with the song by Otis Redding sitting on the dock of the bay.
My parents live on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia . Sitting on their deck in the morning watching the fishermen get oysters and crabs and fish ! seeing sun sparkle off the water its so real.. Soon our house will be ready to move into were hoping by July . We been here since end of October. ( We sold our house in Florida and moved back here to Virginia ) My father died unexpectedly in December , So we waited to buy a house two months ago to make sure my mom was getting threw this . We will be right down road from her.

Decoy Kenzie Top fits MAITREYA Lara
12 individual colors or a fatpack

Decoy Kenzie Top  Whimiscal Event

Doe  Poppy Hair Gacha  Whimiscal

MissChelsea Bibi Shorts Creme equal10

MOSQUITO’S WAY  Heels  Charlotte  Whimiscal

Bloom [Blossom] Sport Glasses Lens

Sequel     Vibe Lounger – Cream  Whimiscal


Worn Out!

Worn OutAfter long day of shopping or a long weekend .. I sit down and have what i call a let down. From all the hustle and bustle . My mom and i got together and we decided to get up at 4:30am est to watch Prince Harry and Megan Markle get married !! I bought few UK pastries from my baker friend.  Wore a big feather hat lol !!! My mom is in her late 70’s still sleeping i made coffee and woke her up ( Were living  with her until our renovation in our new house is done. ) We were sleepy eyed and drank coffee and had our breakfast ( Im not into tea. ) by 9pm last night i was feeling so worn out and eating non diet food yesterday morning  had me down .. So was worn out lol

***Narcisse Taylor skirt  for Fameshed Go. Fameshed Go is a Main Store event where shoppers earn points for their purchases to win prizes sponsored by some of the store involved for that month. (May 15 – June 10) It is fit for Maitreya only and it is in 10 individual colors or a fatpack.

***:::ChicChica::: Xena M FATPACK
These awesome heels come in Fatpack or individual colors For slink maitreyla bellza and is at ~ TRES CHIC Venue ~

Narcisse  Taylor Skirt -FATPACK  FaMESHed Go

:::ChicChica:::  Xena FATPACK  (Heels) ~ TRES CHIC Venue ~

MINA   Carmen – VIP gift

EVANI MADISON top  Kustom9

[CAROL G]   Musa – Black Tattoo

[MANDALA] SHIPPOAH-White Choker & Earrings bracelet

FOXCITY Photo Booth – #MyWardrobe  Kustom9


Yumm All Mine ! Ok,You Can Have A Lick!

YUMM ALL MINE ! OK YOU CAN HAVE A LICKBringing a monthly Gacha Event from your favorite designers straight to shoppers grid wide via a unique custom made HUD. Play anywhere. Anytime. No teleporting. No Lag. Everyone can play at once.
For more information visit:
For a short tutorial video watch:

___ChicChica___ SweetGacha1

ChicChica  Sweet Gacha PocketGacha Event Hud

Kaithleen’s   Grid Girl Dress – Rose  Cosmopolitan Events

ItGirls   Medusa Hairstyle ACCESS EVENT

Astralia   Wave hand Jewels  Kustom9

[Black Bantam]  My Cutie Yorkie Dog   Equal10 Event

**RE** (Real Evil)   Eden Necklace

Timeless Enchantment

Timeless Enchantment..::PD::.. Bento Mistress gloves comes with hud colors white/red/black

Paperdoll’s  Bento Mistress gloves Marketplace

MINA  Hair – Alison Enchantment Event

L’Etre  Les accessoires – Roses crown

Lazuri  – Lazuri Heritage Pearl Choker  Lazuri Heritage Pearl Bracelets

Luas   Alice Gown  Enchantment Event

Le Poppycock   *Aflame* Whispers (Candlestick)

{anc}  {anc} picnic / swallow tailed butterfly
{anc} miniature/H. mannequin flower

All The Things A Girl Loves!

All The Things A Girl LovesAll the things that a girl loves. Well this girl loves her fashion and her favorite drink ( the go to one!) and of course her dog . Which I treat mine like its my baby since all my kids are grown and gone, and have kids of their own !! lol

Decoy – Xiora Dress stripes are color change with optional bright glow settings Dress and Corset bottom can we worn separately.  The :::ChicChica::: Margarita  has a hold and sip pose in it . has the perfect lime added to it !!

Decoy  Xiora Dress: Fatpack  The Fantasy Collective Event

:::ChicChica:::   Margarita  Equal10

[Black Bantam]  Westie Tongue Collar Female

Rocket Mainstore   Chapeau Bag

[MANDALA] Necklace – TEFUTEFU Jewelryset Multi Rainbow

Navy+Copper  – Lungo – Collabor88

**RE**  Arwen Glove FaMESHed  





Out On The Lanai

Out On The LanaiThese colors and The furniture reminds me of our lanai we had in Florida!! It was glassed in with sliding windows . It was where we entertained with cocktails and when weather wasn’t so hot we had nice breeze with palm tress blowing . We loved our home in Florida we lived there for two years, But as beautiful as house and yard was .. We didn’t realize how much we miss our family and grand-kids !! 1,000 miles away was to far . They all came for visits, But wasn’t the same so we sold our home and moved back to Virginia !! where there is 4 seasons.


***Josephine Skirt Fits Maitreya Lara Each color includes 2 versions, Pattern and Plain

Decoy   Josephine Skirt: Fatpack Plain  COLLABOR88

***ChicChica Grapes come in 2 colors green and Dark purple and with two poses 1. hold 2. up.. Is now at The Chapter Four

:::ChicChica::: GrapeGreen The Chapter Four

ISON  lisa halter wrap top  COLLABOR88

Exile::  Evermore  COLLABOR88

[MANDALA]  The hair accessory – Kiku-corsage-Shiro(White)
Earrings – pearl rain 2 earring

(Yummy)  Festival Ring Set – Maitreya

Kalopsia Zelie’s Rattan set Couch rug and table and Macrame  COLLABOR88