đŸŽ” Listening To Christmas Music Walking In SnowđŸŽ”

Listening To Christmas Music Walking In Snow

Morning all. I’m Our first big time frost last night !!! I could hear upstairs and down stairs dual heat pumps just rolling !!! I’m laying in bed thinking omg how much money is this lol !! Im hoping to find time to get out and get my nails done today . My Daughter and my son in law and grand kids are coming next week. For 2 days before Christmas.

I wish they would come for Christmas but They are going to take his mom with them to South Carolina to see relatives. Still my son  hasn’t decided what day he and his wife are coming . ( Boys !!) lol My husbands kids don’t come .Well due to they aren’t happy dad remarried after 9 yrs of being single . ( Grown kids eye roll) !!! ok im off to post you all have a most wonderful Thursday !!

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🎄 Can I Help Decorate The Tree??!! đŸŽ„

Can I Help Decorate The Tree

Morning !!! I see my steroid meds have me awake early and running like a chicken with my head cut off lol !!! I have washed load of clothes and am drying a load of clothes and fixed coffee and all my Christmas lights are turned on . I always at Christmas time turn on my lights on my tree and my mantel due to i work from home i love to see it on !!! Its not even 7:30 am lol… I have the cable guy coming in 2 hrs to give us new box on our bedroom cable box it smells like plastic burning and it pop few times!! ok all im off to get ready for cable guy to come and get breakfast have a most wonderful day

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Burr !! It May Be Cold But I’ts Ice Cream !!

Burr !! It May Be Cold But I'ts Ice Cream !!

Sunday Morning ! Up early need to get rolling . My mom is out of town and i need to get my dads Christmas wreath to his grave. My Dad died before Christmas 2 yrs ago on 19th.

I still have trouble with it. He was retired High School Football Coach ( He is still winning est coach with his record . He holds in State) He was healthy and just had stroke that day.

Ok enough  sadness.  Im going to get all my decorating done !!! Crossing fingers.

With real life still having chemo he had a round other day and is lagging a bit . He does more than most do when they dont have cancer.  You all have a most wonderful Sunday enjoy it !!!

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Morning all !!! Sigh!!! Long day yesterday . Doctors appointments for my nerve pain . Went to Walmart to get my prescription omg it looks like rats running in door tons of people !! I had to wait 30 min to get only one prescription  I still have to go back and get my other one. I didn’t want to wait any longer . Walmart is 25 miles from my house ( I live in small rural area on the Chesapeake bay In Virginia . ) So my doctor is 30 miles away the other way and i still had to met up with a costumer for our home business. I didn’t get home till 6pm and i left at 1pm lol

Today long day doing our business and i need to finish decorating our RL home.

We have had company last week and i was in middle of it. I need to get into that Christmas spirit!!! Tree is up but not decorated  have great weekend all Im

off to go post !!! Hugs

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Red Bows

Red Bows

Morning !! My RL is at chemo today .. Last round for month of December 2 more rounds to go and he will be done. So far all his lymph nodes  they did scan say all are shrunk!!!

I finally got good nights sleep over my nerve pain !!!!! YAY!!  i slept with pillows under my legs .. I am calling doctor for some meds  to get pain down i have plenty of Christams decorating to do and im lagging behind . Out side is done and now my mantel is bare!! Tree is up and fluffed with branches and top is on it now need to decorate it .

Ok i do tend to yabber on . Off to do orders for My real life business ordering canvas for

RV of one of our boat clients we have re doing all seats in it . ( huge job!!!! )

One awesome thing i rent on a sim with 3 plots and my sim owner just decorated it in snow ( my plot only i’ve been renting from him for 8 yrs! ) Im pretty pumped now.

Have a great day all!!!

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🎅 It’s A Candy Cane Day! đŸŽ…

It's A Candy Cane Day

Morning .. Lack of sleep ugggh!!! No i didn’t party all night lol.  sciatica still in my leg and worrying about RL chemo this afternoon. I am positive but i still worry !! Today and tomorrow are his days for it. all he has left is January and Then February.

Our 5 year old beautiful Christmas tree we bought together our first year . lights have burned out on it 😩 few rows !! Hubbie is retired electrification and hes been sitting there working on it since lunch yesterday one row done 1 more we hope will be fixed  Why don’t i buy another? Well im picky for my Trees. ( i hate real trees!!  the mess) If im buying one it will be next year the one i want is 300- 400 dollars. So its to late to even order it . ok im off to post have great day all

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Morning !!! Yes Thanksgiving is over and now lets get into Christmas!! I had less than 24 hrs notice for company yesterday . My husbands Daughter, I haven’t laid eyes on her in 5 yrs .  He has 3 grown daughters. he had been divorced 10 yrs before i met him. They were ok with me being girlfriend. But when i married him they didn’t come to our house they met up with him few times. He has mantel cell non Hopkins lymphoma fast spreading cancer . i told his grown grand daughter they need to grow up and come and visit him. Now Im sure we wont see them again in our home. They are in their 30’s one in her 40s grown women need to grow up. ok enough boring yacking you all have great Monday im off to decorate my house for Christmas will take  a week as much crap as i have .



Snow Bound


Morning all !!! Wow what a morning !!! I have a sciatic nerve pain once in a blue moon but yesterday and today is my blue moon !!! Struggling to get up the stairs to get to my office /computer room.  I think over doing it at Thanksgiving cleaning house and doing all that food . Yesterday i took down my fall decorations and i had to stop due to pain. I only take a night if i have pain a pill . I don’t believe in taking pills all time I rather struggle threw it . I don’t have a addictive personality. Ok all im heading out

Need to post and need to do some work on my RL Job and struggle to get rest of my fall decor up and get out my Christmas stuff. Hubbie has added outlet on my mantel for my Christmas garland to plug in!! He is doing well with his cancer he is having this week a round of chemo. last chemo is in February !!

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Purple Haze

Purple HazeMorning all. I must be getting tired of Thanksgiving . ( Means i have done my share and im done. ) I am not big turkey fan. My stuffing didn’t turn out way ( I ) Like it every one else did. To much food for one day and i’m not big Thanksgiving left over person. There is two of us and enough food left over for army!! Now to get ready for Christmas !!!

My RL Hubbie having Chemo Tuesday  and Wednesday  He will be tired to do our out doors Christmas stuff until he rest from it. I  told him this year lets not do it . He said HELL NO !!!  lol so we are going to get it done before Tuesday the out side.

Ok i’m worn out from yesterday going to get this out and relax Have great Friday!!


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