I Scream You Scream We All Scream For Ice Cream!!

i Scream You Scream We All Scream For Ice Cream

Morning all !!! Hope you all have a great Hump day!!! Out to do errands today .

If nothing comes up…. Nails & Pedi!! heading to Clinique  to exchange wrong item (  i so hate exchanging they look at you like your a criminal lol ) Then to lowes .. then to grocery store ( i so hate grocery shopping at least my rl hubby comes with me .. Hes my gofer lol.. i have list we spread out like were taking over .. Sometimes i lose him. We own a business here in small town. He gets stopped by local fisherman and boat/yacht owner, To talk about the water or re doing their boats then i noticed hes holding cold item for past 10 min lol.. Men right ? lol jk !!!! Have a great one .

Tee*fy Myla  FaMESHed


^^Swallow^^ Kawaii Earrings Kustom9

SugarBun Bear Ice Cream – Strawberry




Flowers & White Silk

Flowers & White Silk

Morning !!! Its I know it keep talking about weather .. 98 Today uggg . I so wanted to have coffee on the porch this morning when i opened the door at humidity at 100% its like some one slapped me in face lol. Turned around headed up to My office … You all keep cool today or warm where ever you live i need to make some fast business calles and ect.. have a most wonderful Tuesday !!!

Tee*fy Emilia Top – White SheerDot Belle Event

KUNGLERS – Dhiaka necklace Belle Event

Doux Kimma equal10 event


White Leather

White Leather

Monday Morning and the week starts all over again !!! Seems second life ( for me) yesterday had lots of slowing rezing issues for me going to events I have super duper lap top plenty of gigs and great internet. (They say sometimes its server you are created on.)

I wasn’t bad but slowww could been a Sunday!!

Its been over 96 degrees here in Virginia for past few months. ( we normally get that in August!!)  My renovated farm house is 90 years old … We have dual heat pumps but one upstairs is brand new is not getting it due to the dormers have storage and its over front porch and part isn’t insulated. Need attic fan .. Dont remember it ever being this hot even growing up in Va … this many days keep cool all !!


COCO BikerJacketOverShoulders

Maxi Gossamer  Necklace Esra’s Giant Teardrop

Truth VIP Hairstyle Julys 2019- Alias

The Blues

The Blues

Morning !!!! Hoping that all who live near or in Louisiana are batting down the hatches !!! look like low category 1 hurricane but the water looks high. Been threw my share of hurricanes living in Virginia and lived in Florida . .

Super short blog today ( Lucky you lol ) Have a most wonderful weekend make most out of it !!!


KUNI Angelina equal10

Scandalize Emeli  Vanity event

MANDALA Plug Stretched ears-Omimi



Morning . There is nothing like getting phone call from doctors office at 7:45 am when you have stayed up until 1 am and hadn’t had my first cup of coffee lol .. Told her to call back later .. I answered phone due to i thought it could be my mom.  I have a more less stressful day today … less work for my rl business only few orders to do . Need to clean house lol. I soo need to do some work on my sl house i love my furniture in it but want another house more beach type.  But i hate  moving my furniture around !! to fit the house … Kellyyyyy lol  haha!!!!  ( a friend of mine) Shes probably saying gawd not again lol … Hope you all have a great Friday !!

Seniha Miry Dress Miry Dress  Cosmopolitan

Belle Epoque { Good Golly Miss Molly } Hat

Black Bantam  Pretty Chihuahua  equal10

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Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde

Monday Morning !! Another week Hope you had great weekend…. Ever have most of your light bulbs go out in your house??!! at same time ? I am married in real life to a retired electrician ( SMH) We are out need to run to store. Its dark in my computer room for sure. Need to get more lighting on desk too. lol

Hope your week and day is a most productive one. !!

Salamandre X 28LA. Tamia ( Top & Bottom) Anybody Event

Kuni Ari Anthem


Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow

Morning all Hope you all that live in California your friends or family are ok. Thinking og you all this morning over earth quake.

With the fourth i have lost a day !! lol had to think what day it was today lol. Were to have lots of storms today !!! My fur baby didn’t hear any fireworks the other night we live in country and thank goodness neighbors didn’t have any . But storms ughh..

Ok getting blog out . I have 6 orders for work after this to call in !!! and find out where one went too. Fed ex should of arrived yesterday 😦 !! have a great weekend all

Kaithleen Veronika Set UBER

LaGyo  Lotus Hat & LaGyoLobster Earrings & Necklace Anthem

DOUX Mecca Hairstyle  Dubai


Hitching A Ride !

Hitching A Ride!Happy 4th of July  from Virginia  seems my lap top is gone wonky this morning . Iv’e re done my blog like 3 times lol gota love this .  Not doing anything special today . Our business is busy and we need to get out 4 boat works by Sunday !! Might sit on front porch and have shrimp and appetizers  but its suppose  to get over 90 today and sun is beating on screened porch . Have a great day all

Mangula Danna Set Marketplace

Doe Stephanie LOOTBOX

^^Swallow^^ Pyramid Ear



Blowing Smoke!!

Blowing Smoke !!

Morning !!! busy day here . Our business is kicking up  SUMMER!!!!… cell phones and business phones ringing off hook. I don’t know why people are waiting until summer to get their boat seats and tops done. Do it on off season then you wont have to wait so long. Its a first come first serve deal .. Unless  you want a tear or strap sewn.  This type of work is one person only. Sewing machine is industrial one not one like your grandma or mom sews up rips lol  ok all have a most wonderful Tuesday!!!

RINKA Debra OutfitCosmopolitan

CAROL G Aretousa Arms TaTToo Black LEVEL

Navy+Copper Lily Shiny Shabby